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A Poem For Christmas

Christmas Time is here once more

With snowflakes falling to the floor

Decorations shining bright

Bringing joy and festive delight

Families gather near and far

To celebrate this special star

With love and laughter all around

Peace and happiness abound

The scent of pine fills the air

As carolers sing with care

Reminding us of the true reason

For this joyful holiday season

Children's eyes light up with glee

As they wait for Santa's sleigh to see

Their wishes written in letters

Hoping to make their dreams better

But let us not forget

Those who have no gifts to get

Let us spread love and give back

To those who are in lack

For Christmas is not just about presents

But about spreading love and pleasant

To all those we hold dear

And to those who may need a little cheer

So let's come together hand in hand

And spread kindness across the land

For Christmas is a time for giving

And for a new hope of living

Let's cherish every moment we share

With those we love and deeply care

For Christmas is a reminder to us all

To spread love and kindness, big and small

Merry Christmas to one and all

Let us answer the call

To make this world a better place

Filled with love and grace.

-JN Prioleau


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